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Converting MBOX to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook

Facing troubles while converting MBOX to PST are now a thing of the past, switch up to: Mail Extractor Pro.

Converting MBOX to PST, the task that you hate the most on your to-do list. Yes, email conversion is a tough task. But it’s a necessary evil. You have to go through it as it is the quickest way to transfer all of your data from one email format to another.

So, how to go on about converting MBOX to PST or any other pair of formats? Well, the answer is simple you seek professional help.

Get professional with your MBOX to PST Conversion

Converting MBOX to PST or any other format is no child’s play. The process involves a lot of technical aspects and deals with data in its most vulnerable state. Therefore, getting some professional help holds the key to a successful conversion process.

This professional help is achieved in the form of third-party converter tools. These third-party converter tools are something that are backed up by the modern-day technology and can go very far when it comes to converting MBOX to PST or email conversion in general.

And USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro leads the way of these third-party converter tools. The tool is the perfect converter tool having everything that is required for a perfect conversion process. It offers you the best in class features all bundled up together to make converting MBOX to PST better.

converting MBOX to PST

Start Converting MBOX to PST with the best in class accuracy

There are many tools that offer you many things. But being the best in class is entirely and utterly and completely different. This means that there is no other tool in the entire business that can offers you accuracy like this. And that means something.

The accuracy of the tool is such that it converts everything on its plate. The tool converts each bit of data present in the input file without failing. It even retains the originality of data just changes the storing format. Thus, maintaining its authenticity.

And this is just the start. The tool solves one of the major problems faced by previous converters while Converting MBOX to PST, conversion of Unicode data. Unicode consists of all of your attachments, calendar data etc. Since, the encoding of these is little bit different from your usual textual data, therefore, they become a little tricky to convert. Well, not for Mail Extractor Pro.

The tool converts it all with same ease, accuracy and precision to ensure that you have it easy while converting your data from MBOX to PST.

The interface makes it even easier to Convert MBOX to PST

Interface of Mail Extractor Pro is a stereotype breaker. Unlike your usual interfaces of third-party converters, the interface of Mail Extractor Pro isn’t overcrowded and is easy to understand.

The interface only shows what is necessary to export MBOX to PST. This makes it easier to follow and achieve that perfect conversion process. Plus, to guide you through the entire conversion process the tool gives you pointers in the form of informative wizards and dialog boxes, thus making it a pleasant experience to Convert MBOX to PST.


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